Optical Prescription; Your property, right?

We know you are interested in saving money by buying glasses online. However, you don’t have a copy of your prescription and feel a little bit embarrassed asking your Optometrist. Does this sound like you? Be assured your prescription is yours and you have every right to request it.  In fact, under Australia National Law it is your right to obtain a copy.  http://www.ahpra.gov.au/

We’ve made it easier for you. Ask us for a FREE copy of our ‘Ask for Your Prescription Letter‘ which you fill in, sign and forward to your Optometrist. Once you have a copy of your prescription you can choose where you purchase your next pair of glasses.

And we hope it will be from our extensive range of quality frames which include FREE extras that we know you normally pay for. Compare and SAVE.  Example:  Thinner 1.56 mid-index lenses, Hard-coat to reduce scratching, Anti-reflection coating to reduce annoying reflection plus UV Protection. Along with a quality hard case and cleaning cloth – No gimmicks – Just fair prices – What are you waiting for!

Add to Cart our FREE ‘Ask for Your Prescription Letter’ in Accessories and you will be able to download it immediately. Then like so many others, once you have your prescription you will be able to hop online and SAVE on prescription eyewear.

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Use Try Spex as a guide to how your new Spex may look on different face shapes or upload your own photo.

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