Where do I get a prescription?

Ring and make an appointment with an optometrist of your choice.  It is important to have your eyes checked by a professional generally every two years to ensure your prescription is up to date. Once you have had your eyes examined your optometrist will write a prescription. Ask for a copy of your prescription so you can choose where to purchase your new glasses.

What is the difference between an optometrist and an optical dispenser?

An optometrist is a Doctor of optometry, a qualified health care professional whose role is to examine and diagnose for eye disease or related conditions.  An optical dispenser is trained to interpret optical prescriptions and fit and service optical spectacle frames and lenses.  This includes making sure that lenses conform to the prescription of the eye specialist or optometrist and shaping lenses and fitting them to frames, making sure they meet quality standards.

I’m worried about measuring my PD.

Ask your optometrist to include it on your prescription or ask a friend to help you measure according to our directions.  It’s not difficult but is very important to enable our optical dispenser to accurately fit the lenses in your chosen frame (see ‘What is my PD’ – Quick Links).

What if I don’t understand my prescription?

Scan and upload your prescription through our website or email it to us.  We will ensure your selected frames are suitable for your prescription.

What if my prescription is old?

It is important to have your eyes checked by a professional generally every two years to ensure your prescription is up to date.  Our policy is not to accept prescriptions older then two years. Ring your optometrist and make an appointment.  Then ask for a copy of your prescription so you can choose where to have the prescription filled.

I feel embarrassed asking my optometrist for the prescription.

Your optometrist is a professional eye care specialist.  After your appointment, just like a prescription from the Doctor that you take to a pharmacist of your choice, your prescription from the optometrist can be taken to any optical dispenser to be fulfilled. A trained optical dispenser has the skills in this area and you are entitled to flexibility when it comes to choosing your frames (See FAQ “Difference between an optometrist and optical dispenser”).

In Australia your spectacle prescription is your property  and you have every right to request it.  Your Optometrist is also required to let you know you are entitled to a copy of your prescription.  Contact Us if you would like more information or have been refused a copy.

If you need help to write a request, download a FREE copy of our ‘Ask for Your Prescription Letter’ which you fill in, sign and forward to your Optometrist.

I’ve heard that buying glasses on-line is risky as the glasses can’t be fitted properly.

In the past both frames and lenses were quite heavy requiring frames to be adjusted around the ears by heat to hold them in place.  Modern frames, coupled with light mid-index lenses now offer a very light comfortable fitting in almost all cases.  We call this a remote standard fitting.  If in the past you’ve had continual difficulty with glasses fitting properly or you have a complex high power prescription we do recommend a personal fitting with your local optical dispenser.

How do I know which size to buy?

Most frames have a good degree of size flexibility.  The important sizing to check is the glasses frame width and the bridge.  A mistake many people make is choosing glasses far too small for the face, often the fault of the sales person fitting the glasses for either not knowing or not pointing it out.  An ill-fitting pair of glasses can displace the prescription’s optical centre which could affect vision and make the frames uncomfortable to wear and not visually attractive.  Ensure you are being fitted by a trained optical dispenser when paying high prices for a personal fitting in-store. To purchase online, as a guide, measure just above your top eyelids from temple to temple to find your approximate frame width.  Next, ensure the PD (see “What is my PD”- Quick Links) and lens choice is suitable for your chosen frame. Or alternatively, measure the frame width and bridge of your own glasses if you are happy with the fit.  We will advise you if there is a problem with your frame selection (see “Sizing” – Quick Links)

What if I don’t need a prescription but want to buy frames?

We can supply any frame in our range fitted with non-prescription high quality plano lenses.  These still include the light mid-index lens, hard-coating, UV protection and anti-reflection coating as any of our prescription lenses.  These make a great accessory item and can be worn every day.  Choose “Plano” on our order form and you will be directed to check out.

What is the difference between your reading glasses and ones I buy over the counter?

The over-the-counter reading glasses assume that both your right and left eye prescription is identical, contain no correction for astigmatism if required nor makes allowances for your PD.  They also ask you to judge the effective reading distance which may not always be correct and they generally have thicker cheaper lenses.  Usually they won’t include our standard 1.56 mid-index lenses, hard-coating, UV protection and anti-reflection coating.  We recommend you have an eye-test and obtain a prescription, however we do sell quality reading glasses if you don’t require a correction.

I’ve heard of computer glasses. What is special about them?

Many people are using computers for lengthy periods of time at work. Office or computer glasses have lenses which are designed to focus at the correct distance when sitting in front of your screen, as opposed to reading glasses which focus at a closer range or distance glasses designed for driving or seeing things in the distance.  Computer glasses are available in single vision lenses on our order form. If your job requires data input while using the computer, you may need progressive lenses with both reading and computer distance included. We can provide this option upon request if your prescription includes distance prescription with a reading Add.  Important: Tick progressive lenses on our order form and advise us you require computer glasses when purchasing your Spex.  Computer glasses are more comfortable to wear and a definite advantage for office workers.

What is included in the price?

Single vision lenses are included in the price of our frames.  Our other standard inclusions (which you often have to pay quite a deal more for with other providers and significantly increase the cost) are; Light 1.56 mid-index lenses, anti- scratch hard-coating, UV protection and anti-reflection.  We also provide a quality hard case and cleaning cloth for free!  Progressive lenses, tints or other additional options cost extra.

Why do I have to pay more for some other types of lenses?

Prescriptions for Bi-focals or Progressive(multi-focals) and some higher power prescriptions are more complex and specially ground in the optical laboratory to your exact specific requirements.  There is a higher cost to this service as compared to stock single vision lenses. We will contact you if the lenses you have selected on our website don’t suit your prescription or if our qualified optical dispenser/mechanic has a recommendation for you eg thinner lenses may be more suited to high power prescriptions.

How long do my glasses take to arrive?

We ship within 3 working days for standard single vision orders, 7 days for single vision grind or tints and more complex prescriptions e.g. progressives will take longer, allow between 14 -21 days.  If there is an unanticipated delay, we will contact you.

What if I’m unhappy with my glasses when they arrive?

Contact Us immediately if there is a problem with your new Spex.  We’ll email you a return authorisation and you can return your glasses within 60 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.  We will work with you to resolve any issues.  See terms & conditions for more details.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a friend?

Yes, most certainly.  It’s a great idea for a present.  We have a wide selection of fashion frames for use as an accessory or to order with tints as sunglasses.  To order your gift card(s) visit our accessory page.  The gift card(s) will be posted to you, a friend or family member as instructed (see terms & conditions).

What if I don’t have a Pay-pal account?

Pay-pal is a secure way of purchasing on-line.  Through Pay-pal you can choose to pay by credit card or through your financial institution knowing you are protected at all times.  If you haven’t used Pay-pal before we do accept cheques and your order will be processed once cheque is cleared.

What if my glasses need repairing?

See us or send them to us at any time for adjustments, minor repairs or advice. This is a free service and your glasses are inspected by a qualified optical mechanic/dispenser.

What is the “refer a friend” promotion?

We’re really excited about our Spex and the value for money we are able to offer you. So why not let your friends find out about us too! For your loyalty we will reward you with store credit when your friend places their first order. So that when you want to order the latest style Spex you will save even more!  Register in “My Account” and log in to view your store balance. Your store credit will be automatically allocated to your account when your friend makes their first valid purchase.  (see terms & conditions).

What is TR90?

TR90 is a new super light weight material used in eyewear.  It is a plastic titanium with memory and returns to its original shape.  TR90 is resistant to impact making it stronger and more durable then traditional glasses.  As it is so light, it reduces the pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears making for a very comfortable frame for everyday use.

Why are your glasses cheaper?

Pay for the frame, not the name! When you pay high prices you are often paying for the Brand which has an inflated value.  Spex Appeal® prescription glasses are cheaper because we have low overheads, buy mainly direct from the manufacturer and don’t invest in brand names while still offering stylish quality frames.  We are conscious that most people will need glasses at some stage in their lives and not every one is in a position to buy at high prices. Our down to earth prices include free extras such as anti-reflection coating, hard multi-coat and UV protection and a hard case and cleaning cloth. 

Do you take personal appointments?

Certainly.  Contact us for an appointment if you live in our area of Kyabram Victoria  http://www.travelvictoria.com.au/regions/murray/and prefer a personal fitting. Bring along a copy of your current prescription or if you need an eye test we can make an appointment for you with an Optometrist through our network.

Is my personal information safe?

Spex Appeal uses RapidSSL with Certificate issued by GeoTrust, Inc to secure your private information such as login credentials and transactions. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission.  We do not pass your information onto third parties without your consent.

Which lenses do I need?

Spex Appeal® lenses are available in single vision, progressive, bifocal or plano as well as other additional options.  Your prescription will determine your requirements.  See ‘Which lenses’ in Quick Links for a full description of lens types.  If you are still not sure Contact Us and our Optical Dispenser will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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