Materials used in eye glass frames.

Choosing a frame is the first thing that customers focus on when buying their new prescription glasses.  Materials used in todays fabrication of frames are mostly durable and of consistent quality.   Here’s a brief description of different materials used.


The most common material used in making eyeglass frames and also referred to as Zyl or cellulose acetate, the frames are available in many colours and patterns from solid to multi-coloured. Durable and colour fast Zyl is cost-effective and light weight. Acetate frames are easy for the optical dispenser to work with. The material when exposed to hot air will stretch or shrink to fit the lenses. Acetate is made from cotton seed fibers mixed with plasticizers and stabilizers.

Stainless Steel

Frames made of an alloy of mainly iron with some chromium, manganese and nickel. Unlike some other metals it will not react with your skin and it has a lot of flexibility and strength. Stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion and heat. Reasonably priced and readily available.


TR90 is a new super light weight material used in eyeglass frames. A plastic titanium with memory it returns to its original shape. It is resistant to impact making it stronger and more durable. Due to its lightness and low friction qualities, it reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears making for a very comfortable frame. Colours are solid and vivid.


Used for many years in manufacture of eyeglasses nylon is a thermoplastic processed by injection moulding and these days is blended with polyamides, co-polyamides and gliamides which make them strong and lightweight. It has good hypo-allergenic properties and is comfortable to wear. Nylon frames require a good deal of heat for lens insertion and adjustments.


A newer, high-tech metal that is high-quality. It is as much as 40% lighter then traditional metals and noted for its strength and durability. Titanium eyewear comes in many colours and has a modern look. Usually very expensive due to the special welding equipment needed in its fabrication.


Commercial aluminium has some silicon and iron in it making it hard and strong. Fairly light it can be a comfortable frame to wear. It is resistant to corrosion and achieves a high shine. Aluminium frames allow for many variations of colour and lends itself to unique designs.

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