Spex Care


Cleaning your new Spex is easy and needn’t be expensive.

Immerse glasses in  a bowl of clean, cold water mixed with

a drop of dishwashing detergent. Wipe with a soft cloth and

a dabbing motion to dry. Do not rub vigorously or use tissues

as they have wood fibres.

Standard liquid lens cleaner is another option.

Polycarbonate lens require extra care.  Do not use hot water,

alcohol or acetone based cleaners.

Ensure glasses are not subjected to extreme temperatures

(eg leaving on dashboard of locked car ) as discolouration may occur.

Upload Photo

Images uploaded are stored on Browser Sessions.
Register to have the images saved in your account.

To update your Image, click on the Image you want to update and upload a new one
Uploading images with sizes 1mb+ would be slower, depends on your internet connection.

Use Try Spex as a guide to how your new Spex may look on different face shapes or upload your own photo.

  1. Click Try Spex and chosen frame will appear on model.
  2. Align Spex with computer mouse(or finger if using tablet).
  3. Resize Spex by dragging tab in or out (located bottom right of Spex).
  4. Click Upload and choose image where you are looking straight ahead at camera.
  5. To resize the image, locate and drag the red arrow on the bottom right corner of the image. Try Spex!

We recommend you crop and straighten photo before uploading for best result. There are many Photo Editor Apps available for this task.

Also, ensure the frame you've chosen is the correct frame width and PD for you before ordering (see sizing and what is my PD ?)

Try Spex is for illustrative purposes only and we cannot guarantee that size, colour or design will be entirely accurate.