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Bring in your prescription from your Optometrist and we'll make your prescription glasses and fit and adjust them perfectly. We have a large range of quality acetate, metal and TR90 frames at affordable prices to choose from. Have your own frame in good condition? No problem either. We'll fit new lenses in your own frame.

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What if I don't need a Prescription?

We can supply any frame in our range fitted with non-prescription high quality plano lenses.  These still include the light mid-index lens, hard-coating, UV protection and anti-reflection coating as any of our prescription lenses.  A great accessory item and can be worn every day.  

Computer and eye fatigue

Office or computer glasses have lenses which are designed to focus at the correct distance when sitting in front of your screen, as opposed to reading glasses which focus at a closer range or distance glasses designed for driving or seeing things in the distance. Computer glasses are more comfortable to wear and a definite advantage for office workers.

Are readers over the counter ok?

Over-the-counter reading glasses assume that both your right and left eye prescription is identical, contain no correction for astigmatism nor makes allowances for your PD.  They also ask you to judge the effective reading distance which may not always be correct and they generally have thicker cheaper lenses.  

What is my PD?

The “PD” (pupillary distance) is the distance between the centre of the pupils of each eye. The measurement is needed to  ensure the prescription for your lenses is suitable for the selected frame.  If you don’t know your PD, simply ask your optometrist to note it on your prescription especially if you are ordering progressives or we can measure in-store.

Why our your prices lower?

Pay for the frame, not the name! When you pay high prices you are often paying for the Brand which has an inflated value. Our prescription glasses are affordable because we have low overheads, buy mainly direct from the manufacturer and don’t invest in brand names while still offering stylish quality frames.  We are conscious that most people will need glasses at some stage in their lives and some like to buy wisely and save.

Caring for your new Spex

Cleaning your Spex is easy and needn’t be expensive however some lenses require extra care.

Immerse glasses in a bowl of clean, cold water with a drop of dishwashing liquid added. Wipe with a soft cloth and dabbing motion to dry.  Do not rub vigourously or use tissues as they contain wood fibres.  Standard lens cleaner is another option except for polycarbonate lenses as it may contain alcohol or acetone and damage the lens. Ensure glasses are not subjected to extreme temperatures or left on dashboard of car as discolouration may occur.

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