All about Lenses

Your prescription lenses will be for one of the following;

Single vision lenses contain a single prescription.  Used to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism or for a near-sighted correction such as reading glasses. Spex Appeal® fit all frames with light, single vision mid-index lenses included in standard frame price. Lighter and thinner then the basic industry standard of 1.49 CR lenses they are a more comfortable lens choice.  Our standard lenses also include a hard coating to reduce scratching plus UV protection and anti-reflection all included in the price.

BiFocal lenses contain two prescriptions and are divided by a line separating the upper portion (distance) and lower portion (reading) of the lens. These are at an additional cost due to a more complex prescription.  Spex Appeal® bifocals come in a standard 28mm flat top segment (reading section) and include mid-index lenses, hard coating to reduce scratching plus UV protection and anti-reflection as our standard feature.   More people these days are choosing progressives rather then bifocals due to a more comfortable gradual change with the addition of the intermediate band.

Progressive/Multifocal lenses include three fields of vision, without lines. In a progressive the top portion of the lens is a distance prescription. This funnels down through an intermediate range prescription to a lower portion used for near vision eg reading. Free Form progressives are the latest technology and offer a lens with less peripheral distortion in all vision fields. Spex Appeal® frames are fitted with Digi Pro Free Form lenses and include a hard coating to reduce scratching plus UV protection and anti-reflection.  If this is the first time you are ordering progressive lenses be aware some people need time to adjust to wearing them.  However once you adjust you’ll no longer need to change glasses for each application.

Plano lenses do not contain a prescription and are for those who wish to wear Spex as a fashion statement or as standard sunglasses with tint.  Spex Appeal® plano lenses are ground in our lab and also include UV protection, hard coating and anti-reflection as standard features.


    Tints:  Available in Grey, Brown or Green 80%. These are ideal for sunglass choice and are solid tints.  They meet the Australian Standard for UVR Protection and include a hard multi-coat. Grey lenses provide a high degree of glare reduction and are suitable for bright light activities. Brown lenses enhance contrast on hazy or overcast days and are suitable for everyday use.  We do not recommend you use any tinted lenses for driving at night, or in conditions of poor visibility where light is at a premium.  View for more information.

      Cosmetic tints:  Rose 10% and Mauve 10% to be used as a fashion accessory.  Or let us know what density you would like in percentage as a note on your order form (no extra cost).  We’ll advise if not possible.

      Photochromic: These lenses turn darker when exposed to sunlight and return to clear lens when inside.  They reach a density of around 60%, not quite as dark as regular sunglasses.  They are ideal for everyday use as they can be worn inside or out.  They are available in grey or brown tints and include our standard hard coating, UV protection and anti-reflection.

      Polarized:  These tinted lenses eliminate reflected light and glare and are ideal for the outdoor sport person eg fishing, ski-ing, watersports and outdoor activities.  They are available in Grey or Brown in standard sunglass densities.

      Polycarbonate lens: These are a high impact resistant lens particularly suitable for trades or sports people whose occupations may require extra protection.  They have an inbuilt UV protection.

      Anti-reflection coating:  This is a feature to reduce annoying reflections particularly at night when driving or when using a computer.   Also allows others to see your eyes clearly without reflection from the lens.

      Hard coating: This is a hard surface coat on the lenses to reduce scratching.