Looking after your eyes

Here are some eye care tips to help you maintain good eye sight.

Live healthy- taking care of yourself holistically makes your body better from head to toe, and this includes your eyes. Eating fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin A keep your eyes healthy. Exercise helps the body utilize the vitamins it takes in as well as release stress. Avoid smoking as it not only affects the lungs, but also can adversely destroy other organs as well as the eyes. Sleeping at least 6 hours a day for adults and 12 hours for younger people diminishes eye stress and relaxes the eyes, replenishing it for a new day ahead.

Avoid stressing your eyes - The eyes can only take in so much abuse and will tire out. Make sure to read in a well lit environment making sure your light source is coming from the back so as to illuminate the pages you are reading. Computers and televisions are necessities in modern living but constant exposure to them can tire them as well.   When working with computers for long hours in a day, make sure to rest your eyes every 2 hours by looking at far objects for some 10 minutes. Blinking them repeatedly helps to lubricate them as well. Never watch TV at too close a distance, remembering to keep at least 3-5 meters away from it. In using the computer and watching TV, make sure to also be in a lit room. The constant change of details, colors and lighting of the screens repeatedly compress and dilate the pupils, working them to a dangerous limit.

Use UV lenses - This is especially true for sunglasses. Sunglasses without UV protection do more harm than good. The sun’s ultra violet rays are not blocked by lenses. Wearing shades dilates the pupils. If your sun glasses do not have UV protection, chances are that the dilated pupils are taking in more UV from the sun, therefore are being damaged more than not wearing shades at all.

Beautification comes at a price - Wearing make up can sometimes be unavoidable especially if your line of work calls for it. Properly washing it off during sleep is beneficial not only to your skin but to your eyes as well. Make up sediments can make its way to your eyes in your sleep. This includes the foundation you are wearing as well as those you closely apply to the eyes like mascara, eye liners, and eye shadows. False lashes also stress the eye lids. Try to avoid using contact lenses. They are applied directly to the cornea and are constantly taken on and off, giving tension to the eyes. If using contact lenses is unavoidable, always keep them clean by washing them with lens fluids. Sediments caught in them may damage the eye surface when worn. Also, remember to not wear contact lenses during your sleep as this stresses the eyes. The lenses could also slide and lodge itself to the back of your eyes.